About Us

eGron India is an innovation-driven brand which focuses on developing India’s massive network of broadband retail outlets to possibly enable every Indian to effortlessly gain from financial comprehension, progress and from broader access to rudimentary goods and services. In this digital world, everyone would like to do everything through digital technology. With this in mind, eGron Indiatech is working as a service provider in technology with multiple sectors like and non-government body. In this emerging world, eGron India has a propensity to work with industries like , CSC service, UIDAI, Public & Private Sector Bank’s and much more. The services of eGron India are much more professional and personalized than any other of its competitor. eGron Indiatech Pvt Ltd. Was formally known as Harshit Infotech which was authorized to work in total of 12 District of Rajasthan, and latterly it was converted into Pvt. Ltd company with the name as eGron Indiatech Pvt ltd working full flesh in total of 25 Districts of Rajasthan in Different Sectors / Projects at G2C and B2C level. Currently, eGron Indiatech is working with more than 1850 Retail outlet on our own portal, more Kiosk in total of 25 Districts with a superb performance from last two years. eGron Indiatech Pvt Ltd is the only company whose growth rate is highest among all other of its competitive LSP’s. We’re also working with the HDFC Bank across PAN India for the distribution of Pre-Paid card among the retailers and have served more than 32 lakhs + consumers from round the projects and retailers around the country. eGron Indiatech is also providing BC points via providing BC of different bank’s such as SBI, BOB, BRKGB and PNB as a Financial Inclusion Development. Our governance is driven by a group of young enterprisers who has come up with a digital framework. This will enhance our young entrepreneurial skills and their market share as well. In our organization, we’re not developing a one-time campaign for our partners instead we’re seeking for the ways to support each other for a long term. In our organization, we present our Business Model for making more successful businessmen. Further, our product will elevate your business to a new level and will make our consumers feel amazing.