Dispute Resolution

Customer disputes are best resolved informally directly between a Customer and the eGron India. However, EGron India recognizes that there are situations when a formal process may be beneficial and additional perspectives may be needed to review a dispute. Successful resolution of a dispute requires an open and honest exchange of information, a willingness to see a situation from a different perspective, an appreciation for the challenges and expectations of the jobs of both the Customer and the manager, appropriate use of flexibility and an understanding of the business needs of the institution.

The purpose of this policy is to provide an opportunity for EGron India Customers to internally resolve disputes
The first step in the dispute resolution process is a meeting between the Customer and immediate eGron India to determine if they can resolve the issue. In the event the Customer and the eGron India are not able to resolve the dispute, the Customer has the option to request a meeting with higher management.
If any dispute is not resolved, customer is open to file a case on at Jaipur Jurisdiction